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As the title stated, it is about SPM result that just out last weeks. 
Some did good and some did bad. 
It's natural.

BUT, this one meme

Monday, 5 March 2012

Photography is AWESOME!!!!!!

Photography: Why You Should Pick Up This Hobby

After several weeks without any post, Mundane Malaysian Blog will be updated today! Pronto!!
PHOTOGRAPHY is a big word for all people and brings thousand meanings and perceptions. Some rejoice when this word been mention and some got immediately “turn-off” when discussing about photography. I think what most of the people will think it is some nerdy thingy. Well I beg the differ. This is some idea why people don’t want to take up photography;

1. It is boring??

Well, to be fair all hobbies some sort of boring if you don’t know to do it properly. For example, bowling, if u can’t throw straight ball it will be a boring thingy for you. Same applies to Photography. Later on I will show you many amazing thing you do with your camera rather than capturing dull-still image.

2. It is a NERD thingy?
Ashton Kutcher also does it!!

Still Nerd?? I Dont Think So!! 

For this aspect, I can’t really talk about it without pointing to your self-esteem. It is all about what do you thing about yourself. In this matter it can’t be helped yo.  But picture below will make you think otherwise??

3. Cameras are expensive and overpriced?

True in someways but it is call a "HOBBY" dumbass!! 

First thing, we must looks the fact that the “hobbier” required to spend on some budget to the “hobbiee” The matter is how much you willing to spend. Now days, a decent camera can range from RMY800 to RMY1500 (USD200 to USD 500). If you living somewhere in all the western country and think this is expensive, well then triple that to match up with us Malaysian. (We are very cheap as well!!)

4. “Photography is so hard to learn”

With the fast changing and developing technology, the chip and the capabilities of the camera increase exponentially!! As saying says, “Beautiful Picture is Just a Click Away.”  You would be amazed how much nowadays camera feature can do. Even a dummy can take awesome picture.  Well said huh?  

This is some of the interesting thing about photography that I would like to highlight.  I am sure that you will take up photography after this.

1. Miniature Picture.
This is my miniature picture. Neat right. 
Okay, this is best thing that I found about photography. Would you imagine shrinking the whole world around you and make them looks like a diorama (model).  For me it is exelhriting and breath-taking moment.  Originally, you need expensive equipment to do this, but as for cheap Malaysian like me, I can achieve the same result using any camera even portable camera would do. As for me, I used an entry level camera. My canon 550D (only RMY2500 or USD550);  To make a miniature picture, first take a picture that have some distance and with some simple touch in the photo editing software  (Photoshop, PhotoScape, etc). Here is the link to the proper techniques to make the miniature picture.

2. Macro Picture
With macro picture, you will enter a new world of alien that existed in our back yard. Some people love to take a picture of an insect up-close where all the beauty of the insects is highlighted.

3. Slow Shutter Picture.
Ever see a picture that shows a waterfall and the water seems to be flowing? Ok, the thing is, it is simpler than you think. Just set your camera on a stable tripod and set the camera to a long shutter and boom!! A smooth texture of flowing river picture taken by you! wallah!!

4. Levitated Picture

See how this girl gracefully flew? 
As the topic mentioned, it is literally taking a picture to make something look levitated without looking fake. Like harry potter movie. Edgy isn’t it?? This Is the new craze that I just found in the internet and I think it will become the next world frenzy. Ok, the trick is you have to set your camera to a fast shutter speed as for the auto setting turn your camera into sports mode. Then, asked your friend to catch the picture whilst you’re jumping with doing some action. The hard part is to make sure that your picture doesn’t look like you are jumping but instead levitated by the force. J Check this awesome site that full of levitated picture. 

5. HDR (High Dynamic Range) picture

Yes, I know the name is a bit “technical” (nerdy) but it is a pretty simple thing to do. It is basically to take 3 to7 pictures on the same scene or subject with different exposure (lighting-lah) and combine it to make the picture more kickass. It sound crazy but it is actually worked. But this rather boring to talk about and I’ll let you to go the expert itself by this link.

6. Time Lapse Video

How do I put this, time lapse video constructed from a hundred of photo of a still and same camera and being made into a short video.  I also yet to try this kind of photography with my canon. It is very interesting to watch the sky of stars moves, the formation of cloud and many more. Take a look at this site and I am sure that you will catch up with time lapse photography.

That’s all the thing that make photography awesome. Just need to spend sometimes with the camera and I am sure that your camera will look more appealing to you than it is before. For the reader information, I am using a CANON 550D with standard kit lens. No additional lens or what so ever cause I am a cheap bastard. But once you sleep with the camera, I am sure you will not hesitate to spend money on her. Trust me! 

My Baby Boo. Canon 550D with Standard Issue Lens.

Anyway, hope after you read my post, your perspectives about photography will changed.

I also want to credit all the writers that I have linked here in my website and the used some of the pictures.  

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