Saturday, 10 May 2014

A dinner with "the never-seen-before sunset" at THE RIDGE - TEJA BY THE SEA

     Pulau Pinang has slowly been gaining reputation as a bastion of food innovation and I don't doubt that for a bit. I have been dining in some of Penang's best-kept secrets for many years now, and I must say it's quite an experience. This so-called food revolution happening has seen many of the country’s best new restaurants sprouting like mushrooms in this small country. And for those of you searching for a culinary experience like no other, look no further than The Ridge-Teja by the Sea.

     My friends and I went there on 30th April 2014 for our restaurant review. It was one of those things you have to do to pass the subject.

Dining area
      This restaurant is located in the area of Batu Kawan. It is rather quite challenging to find this restaurant, but it was totally worth it! The interior will remind you of the old Malay house. The decor allows the simplistic beauty of the food to really shine, though beauty isn’t the only thing bringing folks to the ridge. The restaurant filled with excited energy and was comfortably full with seemingly satisfied customer.  

      Fortunately, we arrived there around 5 o'clock, which allow us to see the beautiful sunset. It is one of the attractions of the place as patrons can enjoy their food along with the never seen before sunset near the jetty to Pulau Aman.

Sunset view
    We were given a choice to pick our own set as we came in quite a group which is 60 people. We were to pick one set among 9 sets which were malay, warisan, korean, western, Ocean Steambot, Combo Steambot, Thai, The Ridge special, and Teja's. To add more, we were able to get one set and a line of buffet which serve 2 starch, 2 dessert, 2 appetizer, 2 soup and unlimited refill of fruit punch. We just have to pay Rm 60 per person. The price is as reasonable as it can be, it couldn't get any better than that!

Warisan Set Menu
   Despite all the temptation to try all those set, 6 people, including myself chose to try the Warisan set. Just my luck, it has been mainly the traditional malay food which happen to be my favorite cuisine. It was the best decision I have made so far. Here is the menu for the Warisan set in case you guys want to try it later. Isn't the price reasonable for 6 people? Look at the menu and see for yourself how much you will get for such small amount you paying.

   Now, as you know some restaurant have all those good criteria as well as the Ridge but have flaws in their service. Fear not because the Ridge serve the food as quickly as a 5 STAR RESTAURANT. We didn't even get to be bored before the food arrives to our table. The waiters and waitresses are also very knowledgeable about the food that they serve. Here I put up some picture of the food served to us on that day.

The unlimited fruit punch

Grill Items

Varieties of sauces to be chosen

  We enjoy the plentiful food as much as we enjoy the beautiful sunset. Furthermore, we also get to experience the grilling of the food as well. You rarely get the opportunity to cook the food you about to eat in the restaurant. For those who are adventurous and like to try new things, this restaurant is strongly recommended.

     As the sun goes down, we continue eating after we perform our prays in the prayer room downstairs. It is very convenient for my friends and I as muslim to pray so for all muslim out there, don't be afraid to eat here because you may fail to perform your prayer.

    After finishing our dinner, we have another program which was a food talk. The owner seems to be more than welcoming of our program and prepared us a nice room to  hold our program. The program went successfully. These are some pictures of our food talk with a celebrity chef who is known as Chef Azli.

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     I think that is all for today's post, I do hope you guys check out the restaurant after reading my post. For more of my interesting journey, keep following my blog. Besides that, for those who have dine at this restaurant, do share with me on your dining experience. Stay healthy and keep on exploring the culinary world guys.