Sunday, 6 May 2012

Artwork 1: Justice League Dethrone

In this post, i'm gonna the step-by-step on my first artwork that uses both the function of Paint Tool Sai and Adobe Photoshop.

The end result is like this:

Click 'View More' for the step-by-step.

 The first item needed is a good pencil and good art.

Step 1. Sketching

Sketch the basic pose and any detail on any type of paper.
In my case, i use 80gsm A4 paper first.
Then , i shade the necessary part earlier to make it easier for me.
Then, using any type of scanner. I scan it at 200dpi resolution.  

This is the picture after being scanned.

Step 2: Lineart

This step is the hardest and longest.
I made the lineart using Paint Tool Sai.
An easy software for beginners.
So, to make the lineart, open the sacanned picture, and make a new vector layer on top.
Then. trace back your drawing using pen tool and edit it with pressure tool.  

This is how it look when the lieart complete. 
It took me about 1 hours for this lineart.

 3: Base Colouring.

This step can be made in Sai or Photoshop.
But, since i already made the sketch in Sai, i just colour it.
Using bucket tool, just click on your favourite colour,
Then, Save As JPG.
Continue to Photoshop.

This is how my picture look after the base shading.

Step 4: Shading, Toning and Editing.

This step is really hard and took time.
So, i just gonna explain only a little bit. Sorry.
So, shading using Burn tool. Use also some brush, smudge a little and shading finish.
Use Dodge Tool for highliting at the place where the light hits. 

You can imagine it.
Then, the brick background is a brick i found in the internet. 
Play with gradient and finish.
For the word using Word Text and put gradient and drop shadow to make it stand out.
Play with those and it will become just like this.

Yeah. That's basically what i did and it took me almost 4 hours i think. 
That's short.

  And the timeline version:


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