Sunday, 19 February 2012

Malaysian, Wassup For Breakfast?

In this post, I gonna share some exquisite Malasysian cuisine for breakfast. Some of you might think "well, it's just breakfast". Well, see picture below and u might think differently.

See how Chuck Norris think about food. It's important.

Ok, breakfast is truly important but not as important as being round-house kick. It is like getting punch-in-the-groin important. Errr... anyaways, it is important.

Some listing of some exquisite cuisine that has been uproar in Malaysia since my grand-grand-grandfather era.

1. Nasi Lemak

Fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk, served with spicy and sweet
sambal and some condiments.

Nice combination for breakfast right. For now, other than hotel or resorts, i never found a stall where they sold the best Nasi Lemak. There are some uproar that this place called Tupai sold the best Nasi Lemak called  "Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa".

Well, my family and i tried that one and the first thing we found unpleasing is the service. IT IS SELF SERVICE. Not that i condemn self service but it is a nasi lemak stall and i never found one with this kind of service. Nor with the unsocialize order taker and late order. And that first time is my last time. Or am i have gotten there for 2nd time. Whatever, it is not worth remembering.

Ok, enough with the chattering. 2nd lineup for an exquisite Malaysian breakfast.

2. Roti Canai

Grilled fluffy bread served with dipping
 (sometimes curry or dhal)

Ok. Some origin on Roti Canai. Based on my interview with Mr.Wiki, it is an Indian influenced bread. It is the same as an indian bread called "kolara porata". n that just about it. The ingredients contains flour, eggs, sugar, yeast and a lot of butter.

It can be found on most stall in Malaysia and have variety from Roti Telur which added with eggs or an ordinary one with nothing added. Whichever, it still tasty and nice for breakfast or brunch.

And my 3rd and last lineup...!

3. Capati

A flat bread grilled without oil and served with
dhal and some other dippings.

Ok. This is the most recommended breakfast and most exquisite cuisine of all. It seems just a normal dish, but, for a breakfast, the most important is the amount of fats it contains. While, the Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai is best, this is bester. It contains a lot of calory like other breakfast but it offers no fat. A truly delicate and suitable breakfast for Malaysian.

There are some restaurant that cooked it with oil but i found some in Penang and Perak which serves and cooked just like this.

4. I already said last right. Ok, this is the truly last one and it is not to exquisite or anything. It is one which i recommend and have for breakfast.


Mr. Munchys!!

Ok. It is a cookie and one you can buy at most, mall, supermarket, some amoi market or mamak shop. Everywhere. Seriously, this is one which i ate everyday and the same amount also. It have a neutral one and the chocolate one. I choose chocolate. Who don't want chocolate except for Charlie since he already owns his own chocolate factory.

Anyway, since i am gaining weight and i thought this is the solution. And, i am satisfied with it. I can eat this for breakfast with a cup of tea and still doing my daily activities no problem. Really recommended it for one who want to loosen up a bit. Not too Malaysian but, well this is what you called Modern Malaysian. More health concious and no more fats and oily stuff for breakfast. :)

This is some of my opinion on Malaysian foods that really interest me.

 Anyway, any comment can be written below and do follow my blog.


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