Saturday, 18 February 2012

New kind of hobby.

Hello peeps.

This is my second entry for this blog.

In this entry i will share with the reader a new kind of hobby im taking up.

Im now currently fall in love with the miniature photo shot. Ive been experimenting with all the element of DSLR. Ive have taken a macro shoot, a landscape shoot, a slow shutter shoot but when i stumble upon miniature photo it caught my heart. They way that the real thing look alike miniature make my heart melt.

Miniature Photo at Parking Compound 

By the way, im still new with this all photo thingy. So there are a lot of thing can be improved. For you information i am using a Canon 550d with standard lens that i intended to keep using the same lens for at least couple of month before changing anything.

Last but not least, i hope that all of the reader will give some support to me as im moving forward.

Keep following my posts!

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